Hurrah Web Solutions

Solving tech pain points for small businesses. Turn your spreadsheets into web apps. Get a custom dashboard for your data. Build a web site or mobile app for your business. Integrate your systems with the web. Get technical assistance for your business.


Micro-SaaS, or Micro Software as a Service, is a software service owned and operated by one person or a small team. These solutions are characterized by their small size, niche market focus, low cost, and typically, a high degree of automation. They can be tailored for exclusive use within a single organization, or cater to the needs of a broader external audience.

Office Upgrades

Convert Access, Excel, and Sheets files to secure, modern back-office web apps (intranets). Get started with a simple Excel sheet and continue to build out your mobile-accessible office app.

Legacy Data & Systems

If it isn't broken don't fix it. Integrate with existing systems, transfer or replicate data, and add new user experiences.

Custom Dashboards

Access data in ways that work for your business, staff, or clients. Customize your layouts, graphs, exports, documents, workflows, and more.

Web Sites & Mobile Apps

Custom built web sites and progressive web apps for any audience. Technical assistance included in all projects and custom dashboards designed for you to manage your own content.

API Development

Redesign systems and expose your data safely and securely over the internet. We can develop Web APIs and Webhooks to securely connect your office to the world.

Technical Assistance

Leave the development to developers. Don't waste time or resources learning SquareSpace or WordPress. We provide free estimates and our hosting includes development time.